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Carlos Santana said he was always into music from a young age, and as soon as he grew up he started making albums. What creates these musical geniuses has a lot to do with they are blessed with talent and get to do a job they love. As one of 6 children growing up there probably wasnít a lot of money to spend on how to learn lead guitar but with childhood dreams he certainly had stars in his eyes.

Learning how to play lead guitar is like working towards a dream. Sometimes though our dreams become nightmares. To learn lead guitar you need to have a plan that works. Too many people have wasted too much time and money on bad lessons or programmes that just donít work. Whether it is because the instructor just didnít know how to teach that to learn to play lead guitar became too slow or just plain boring.

What a great teacher does when he coaches someone learning lead guitar is to inspire them. This teacher will have worked out ways and means to influence the fastest results and chooses music along the way that will help his fellow guitarist get started straight away.

Choosing a system to learn lead guitar more swiftly will produce great results. If we look back over history and watch the Olympics in the 1950ís and compare to current day Olympics everything is different. From the running shoes they wear to the techniques they use runners are just getting better and faster. This is because there has been some new innovation and methods of training have been radically changed.

This is the same if you want to play lead guitar faster. The techniques to teach lead guitar have improved dramatically. Guitarists have studied hours and hours of video to find out what licks are the ones that can be taught quicker. They have developed shortcuts so learning lead guitar isnít just more fun for the person learning, it is great for the instructor as well. Teachers get more pleasure from successes than failures.

What will be great fun is visualizing how lead guitar lessons will be taught in the future! What styles will influence future lead guitarists, what techniques and guitars will be around that will create a whole new style of playing and music! These are exciting times, with online guitar lessons being the norm and new inventions being created daily.

http://www.playleadguitar.com/smain.php teaches people how to play lead guitar quicker. Developing a faster, simpler way to learn lead guitar has been a passion of Claude Johnsonís for a number of years. Learn how to play lead guitar taught by a real professional, who has developed basic techniques which has created the faster shortcut to playing lead guitar within days!


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