Dear Guitarist,

Do you want to skip years of pain and frustration on the guitar and jump right to the fun stuff? Then read on... because I've got the insider shortcuts that are going to make you a killer lead guitarist virtually overnight...

"Introducing The World's...
Fastest, Easiest, Coolest Method
For Learning Killer  Lead Guitar!"

I'm very excited to release my new course called "Killer Lead Guitar, Made Simple", a brand-new DVD course that teaches lead guitar from the ground up. The goal of this course is simple - quickly give you the skills of a 10-year veteran player in record time, even if you've never played lead guitar before.

Becoming A Smokin Lead Guitarist Is As Easy As 1-2-3...

Of course, I'm not going to exagerate... You won't be playing like Steve Vai overnight... But, YOU CAN LEARN THE SECRETS to playing killer solos overnight by following these 3 simple steps...

Simple Step #1. Learn the Basic Techniques
(This Takes Between 10 and 15 minutes)

The guitar magazines love to make you believe you need to know a million different techniques. But the truth is, there's only a handful of things you need to learn and they're easy.

Simple Step #2. Download 50 Of The Coolest Licks Ever, Right Into Your Fingers (This Takes Between 25 and 50 minutes)

IN RECORD TIME IS: learn the master's licks! In this new course, "Killer Lead Guitar, Made Simple"... I've decoded for you, 50 of the coolest guitar licks ever.

These are all used by the legends: Eric Clapton, Kirk Hammett, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Randy Rhoads, B.B. King, Jimmy Page and many more legends. Each lick is broken down into an easy-to-learn, bite-size bit of information. You can learn each lick in 30 seconds flat.

Simple Step #3. Follow A NO-Brainer Solo Formula
(It takes between 5 to 10 minutes to design a cool lead using these formulas)

Creating a solo isn't rocket science...But, you still need to follow a formula. Otherwise, it just sounds BAD and out of place. So, in "Killer Lead Guitar, Made Simple", I've laid out a fool-proof formula that you can follow and create face-melting leads that blow everyone away (including youself!)
And that's it!

As you can see, you can learn ALL OF THESE STEPS inside" Killer Lead Guitar, Made Simple" in 1 fun evening! How cool is that!

I guess I should introduce myself... My name is Claude Johnson and I've played in front of thousands of people in respected venues such as the Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia... (Yeah, the same stage that Aerosmith, Mellencamp and other legends played on...)

I've studied with some of the best guitarists on the planet, and have produced a full line of instructional guitar products for almost every guitar style and level of instruction.

Have you ever wanted to play on stage at a bar or club...totally rocking out the joint with a wicked guitar solo?

Picture this... as the song reaches a climax, you dive into a killer solo... you build up incredible tension... and you finish with an orgasmic wail that soulfully blends with the bass and keyboards. The crowd is mesmorized as you wind them along a musical journey... They clap and cheer for 2 minutes straight after you are done... That's what life as a LEAD guitarist is like...

In case you're curious, here's a few clips of me playing some improvised licks...

Making the guitar cry and wail...
Listen to the feel on this one...
Making the guitar talk again :)

This system works FAST because its based on simplicity. Which would you rather learn - 30 different scale patterns, or just TWO? Indeed...

  • Bypass years of memorization by learning the two most common patterns used by every guitar legend. Trust me, they are all you need to get started creating monster solos. (See 2:29)
  • How the Pentatonic Scale works, and why it is so useful for playing leads... More important, how you can use it right away to play powerful solos (See it at 3:39).

"I got "Killer Lead Guitar Made Simple" the other day. wish i'd gotten it years , many years, ago!!!! really lays out lead in the simplest way, eliminating all the baloney stuff. love it "

michael C. Lawrence, KS

Too many guitarists get "dazed and confused" by learning too much useless crap. I'll end any "scale confusion" once and for all.

I promise you'll be crystal clear on how the scale is played, because I show four different ways.

First, you'll see me play it. Second, you'll see a close-up shot of my fingers... Third, you'll see a fretboard diagram, and fourth, I'll tell you exactly where to place each finger on the fretboard. (Watch at 4:55)

There's no messing around! I'll show you how to play all the essential guitar techniques, so you can start mastering them within minutes. For example:

  • Learn the #1 technique to make your guitar "cry". Stevie Ray Vaughn used this all the time for mind blowing fills.
  • You'll quickly master Alternate Picking - this technique, used by every pro, gives you a rock solid technical foundation and eventually leads to high-octane shredding. (Learn it at 5:50)
  • The correct way to practice lead guitar. 95% of guitarists make this fatal mistake, then give up. This golden nugget will save you perhaps 10 years of frustration (at 8:52).

You should know that just learning a few scales and some techniques is NOT enough to transform you into a red hot lead guitarist.

How is this possible?

Well, once you learn the scale patterns and techniques, it's simply a matter of combining notes in the right order with the right timing. The best way is to play the proven, time-tested licks created by the guitar masters in the 1960s and 70s. In those days, lead guitar was growing from its blues roots into the powerful lead guitar rock we all love today.

Emulating the licks from all your favorite guitar heroes does several amazing things at once.

First, you'll be playing sweet-sounding licks right off the bat. Secondly, your technique will improve. Third, your brain will automatically form connections between the sounds and the shapes on the neck. Fourth, by seeing many examples, you will discover how to make your own musical combinations, and you will start building a style of your own.

But which licks do you play? This is where you can leverage my 15 years of lead guitar experience. I'll hand you, on a silver platter, the exact licks you need to practice.

Here's just some of the licks you'll learn from Killer Lead Guitar, Made Simple...

  • Discover the #1 secret to making every note come to life... Finally, B.B. King's most highly guarded secret is decoded! (Learn it at 13:50)
  • For years, guitarists tried to figure out the secret behind Stevie Ray's freaky bends. Well, the answer is found at the 18 minute mark. This simple, yet overlooked technique will double the power of all your bends instantly!
  • Lick #4 and #5 are classic "Slash" fills. If you've wanted to play like this guitar legend, you better master these simple patterns.

Want to Wow The Crowd
With a Soulful Blues Solo?

  • To kick-start a killer blues lead, use lick #6... It's a perfect beginning to an intense blues journey...
  • Want to boost the emotion in the middle of your lead? Then throw in lick #7 and 8. It's super easy to play, yet B.B. King uses it all the time!
  • You'll create a "whammy sound" without a whammy bar after you incorporate lick #9, 10 and 11.
  • Blues enthusiasts will love lick #19. It's such a cool way to start a face-melting lead that even Stevie Ray Vaughn would approve!
  • Love Clapton? Then you'll love it when I reveal how he plays one his most popular leads ever (at 30:05)

"truly admire your playing-I played pro back in the 70's and early 80's, and have seen a lot of talent {and waste of as well} Your playing , technique and attitude are excellent."

Paul Abrams, California

Want to Sound Like Hendrix?

  • You will after you use lick #12 and 13. They're cool,emotional and easy to play!
  • You'll love the "dropping bomb" lick that is shown at the 23 minute mark. It' an ingenius way to finish an epic solo...
  • How to play sliding licks. This is how southern rockers like Skynard and the Allman Brothers get that smooth, flowing sound. (26:06)
  • Wanna be fluid like Satriani? Then pay close attenton at 23:45. You'll learn the basic method that Satch uses to fly all over the neck at break neck sppeds. You'll never be able to achieve that fast-fluid sound without this crucial technique.

Imagine, staring into the yes of the hottest chick in the crowd while you are playing with one hand and pointing to her with the other... I guarantee she'll be looking for you after the show when you do this. You'll be able to do this night after night, once you learn licks #15, 16 and 17...

And For Heavy Metal Fans...

  • Dimebag Darrell's #1 guitar secret is decoded at the 28 minute mark. Every serious guitarist needs to know this powerful trick. You can make any note you want scream with delight! (See it at 27:55)
  • Do you love Kirk Hammett's melodic leads? Then pay close attention to licks #27 and #40. It's a simple fill loaded with feel that you can turbo-charge any solo with...
  • What about Randy Rhoads? He's a legend that was decades ahead of his time. Recapture his magic by learning licks #34 & 35.
  • Are you a Jimmy Page fan? Every Led Zeppelin fan will dig lick #42. Try throwing that into your next solo and see what happens!
  • Like Alex Lifeson's playing? (guitarist from Rush) Then watch lick #25... he uses this technique almost all the time.

Plus, a truckload of extra secrets await you such as...

  • The Bend, Release, and Shake Triple Combo (at 20:18).
  • The "Multiple Bends" licks, (starting at 21:01).
  • Variations on Bending (at 21:20).
  • The "Hendrix Blues Statement" (at 21:56).
  • The Stevie Ray Vaughn Pre-Bend Lick (at 23:00).
  • The Psychedelic Trill (at 25:18).
  • Bend and Release Variations (at 25:58).
  • The "Magic Slide" lick (at 27:05).

"Hi Claude, Yesterday evening I received the DVD,wow it is great,Just brief through the DVD last nite & this morning ,you make it look so easy to play ,your approach & application was Xcellent and the rest of the techniques too. Thank You (Great Teacher) Musically Yours "

Bahrom (Ben) Raja, Australia

But hold on, I'm just getting started. After some example licks, I show exactly how you can...

Decode Any Guitar Solo!

That's right. I will explain how to play nearly any guitar solo. (revealed at 31:04), and I'll explain the 2 best ways you can use to learn your favorite solos. I will show you solos from Eric Clapton and Pete Townsend as examples.

And there's so much more. This 65 minute DVD is literally jam-packed with information. For instance...

  • How to Instantly Solo in any key (at 32:22).

Want To Warp Your Sound In A Split Second?

  • I'll show you 2 ultra-simple tricks to manipulate your tone during a solo. This gives your playing an instant edge (at 33:09).
  • How to break out of a raw pentatonic sound and into a beautiful melodic landscape with the minor scale. (at 34:21).
  • Want to create an orgasmic solo? Then licks #20 to 23 are tailor-made for you!
  • What about cool transitions? It's very important to know how to switch from part to part smoothly. Lick #30 gives you a sweet way to do this...

At this point, I do a quick review so you're totally clear on what we covered and where we are going.

But Wait, There's More Licks

Our study in classic licks continues with...

  • The bend, double-pick licks (Watch 41:08).
  • The thick, "double crunch" bends (starting at 41:30).
  • The repeating, descending roll (at 42:05).
  • The minor-blues triad lick, (starting at 43:22).
  • Triplet plus bend licks (see 43:33).
  • Another killer blues lick with variations (at 44:13).
  • The fast, repeating triplet (at 44:27).
  • The "Jimmy Page" Licks (see 45:01).
  • Fingerpicking triplets (45:41)
  • Another killer blues lick with variations (at 44:13).
  • The fast, repeating triplet (at 44:27).
  • The "Roy" Lick, inspired by one of the greatest guitarists ever (see 46:25).

Hang on, I'm not done yet. Now, we reach the most exciting part of the video...

How to Build a MONSTER Solo

Playing a great guitar solo is like telling a musical story. In this section of the video, I go into a specific demonstration of how to do this.

  • Learn to create a tasty little lick that serves as a "main theme" for your solo (47:25)
  • How to use the elements of space, repetition, and variation to build up energy (47:56)
  • Building to a climax by adding more and more notes (50:22)
  • The "Less is More" approach - how you can use this rarely-mastered technique to slow down your playing and make your riffs more meaningful (51:13)

The fun ain't over yet folks :) There's...

Even More Licks!

By the way, there are a total of 52 Example licks on the DVD, and all of them are notated right on the screen, as well as included online. In this last batch of licks, you'll learn...

  • The "Classic Rock" Riff (at 52:34)
  • The "Bird Call" Riff (listen at 55:30)
  • The "Chuck Berry" Riff (see 53:00)
  • The "Whole Lotta" Lick (at 53:33)
  • The "Johnson" Lick (see 54:04)
  • "Rolling Thunder" (watch it at 54:18)
  • Sequence-Based Licks (starting at 54:47)
  • The "Low-String Crunch" (at 55:39)
  • The "Easy Shred" Lick (its at 55:00)
  • And many others...

And I don't leave you hanging at the end of the video either. I wrap things up by explaining exactly what and how you need practice.

But even with everything I've managed to cram into this video, I just wasn't convinced that 65 minutes of instruction was enough. That's why I'm also including

You'll Also Get a Powerful E-Book...
10 Downloadable Audio Lessons...
Even "Jamming Tracks" to Practice With

That's right... You are also getting 10 Downloadable audio lessons that will reinforce your understanding of the DVD and make sure that you really do learn to play lead guitar in record time.

You also get my E-book, Killer Lead Guitar, Made Simple. This e-book also reinforces the principles of lead guitar, while providing invaluable charts, diagrams, chord progressions, and more. Finally, I've created several killer audio files of chord progressions you can solo over. The e-book, audio lessons, and jam tracks are all instant downloads, so the fun starts right now.

Most people would guess the price of this package is in the $60 - $100 range. Fortunately, it isn't. By squeezing everything onto a single DVD and including the audio and written material as a download, I was able to seriously reduce the cost of producing these lessons. Also, I decided to price this course especially low because I know that many people are interested in learning lead guitar.

This value-packed offer includes the includes my 65-minute DVD, the 10 Audio Lessons, the E-book, and the jam tracks, all for the amazing low price of $49.95. You'll save hundreds of dollars from expensive private lessons that rarely will be as effective as "Killer Lead Guitar, Made Simple".

I am extremely confident this course will work for you. In fact, I personally guarantee that, if you follow the exact steps as I outline in this course, you will be playing Killer Lead Guitar almost immediately. And I'll back that up with my

"Better Than Risk-Free"
365 day Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

No, I can't expect you'll suddenly appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. And I can't guarantee you'll be playing for 50,000 screaming fans by next weekend. But I do promise that if you follow my instructions, you will experience immediate results. You'll wail on the guitar in record time... You'll amaze yourself and others. Seriously.

If you're unsatisfied for any reason, I insist you receive a complete refund of every penny, AND... You still keep the 10 audio lessons and the E-book for your troubles.

I'm putting my money where my mouth is, and I'm taking all the risks here, because I know this method works.

Click Here To Become
A Killer Lead Guitarist Overnight...

Man, I cannot describe the thrill and excitement of playing lead guitar, not to mention the satisfaction that comes from being able to wail in your style. It's just awesome! And the best part is, your own "Killer Lead Guitar" experience may be closer than you realized. I look forward to hearing from you,

Claude Johnson

P.S. In case you're still undecided, here's a few unsolicited letters I've gotten about my videos...

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